Alyssa & Jesse - October 21, 2017

Alyssa Hall
Jesse Galema
Jesse and Alyssa Galema
alyssakhall @, jesse.galema @
302 Rainbow Dr, Marshalltown, IA 50158
wedding day details
West End Salvage, 22 9th St, Des Moines
Camille 573-569-8119
Girls getting ready at Downtown Marriott at 9, guys arrive at 10. Getting letter readings at hotel. Head to Water Works park at 11:45 for first look atpics, then World Food Prize at 1:30. also a stop at brewery for photos. 3:30 to West End for ceremony
bride and groom at noon right after first look and right before family pictures. bridal party and more bride and groom pictures during the party bus time. family pictures 1230-130, party bus will pick bridal party up from west end at 145 and have us dropped off by 4pm. we are going to capital, world food prize and brewery.
Letter reading
30 min max
source of ceremony music
No, wedding coordinator will usher each row
bridal party will head upstairs on 2nd floor and have a drink or 2 until 630-640 and then will enter down the stairs of west end. Bride and groom will go straight to cake cutting then speeches by father of bride, MOH and best man. Then eat, then Jesses speech, then first dance, father daughter, mother son, anniversary dance, memorial song, then PARTY
no...twilight pictures at some point
Wine, Gold, Champagne
Kris Rode, Dave Hall
Wayne and Kelly Galema
other contacts
Jared Landt
Brooke Goodman "A second take photography"
Scott Tudor
wedding film details
Chasing Cars
Chariot by Jacob Lee
Best Part of Me by Landon Austin
Song selections can be made from, and
1-DVD, 2-Thumbdrives
Paid in Full. Thank you!
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