Bailey & Josh - September 16, 2017

Bailey Hutzell
Josh Sampson
bthutzell @
18774 335th Lane Earlham, IA 50072
wedding day details
Stonehaven Barn 36901 N Avenue, De Soto
Bailey 515-418-8636 or Josh 515-494-3809
Bride will be at the barn at 7 AM for hair, then leaving for makeup, will back back around 12:30 approximately Groom will arrive around 1:00 PM
(when and where would you like us to begin filming, generally we start at 9am or later)
Yes everything except for makeup (that will be done in West Des Moines)
No, but we would like to do something before the ceremony where we can talk and hold hands, etc.
Photographer will arrive around 2:30. We will do whatever pictures we can before hand, but we will not see each other before the ceremony
(would you like time set aside specifically to capture some specialty video shots?)
20-30 minutes
source of ceremony music
We will dismiss each row
Wedding party and family will be doing pictures & Guests will be getting snacks/drinks, Introduction of wedding party, Cutting of cake, Dinner, Toasts, Special dances, Dancing
Yes majority of pictures since we are not seeing each other before
Same, inside barn
mint, blush pink, gold, The light pink is a blush pink- very light
Brian and Shari Hutzell
Dave Sampson and Kim Sandquist
other contacts
Bill McVicker - Extreme Photo
Chris Fatland
wedding film details
A Thousand Years- Christina Perri
I Love You, I Love You- Shaylee Simeone
Found A Heart- Emily Hearn
Take My Hand- Emily Hackett
Song selections can be made from, and
1-DVD, 2-Thumbdrives
Schedule phone call.
Paid in Full. Thank you!

misc notes

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