Jacie & Bryce - September 15, 2018

Jacie Hoffmann
Bryce Wessels
Bryce Wessels and Jacie Wessels
Bryce & Jacie
Terri: twessels @ wesselsoil.com Bryce: bwessels @ wesselsoil.com Jacie: jaciehoffman24 @ hotmail.com
7863 Twin Lakes Road Manson, IA 50563
523 Reiter Street Palmer, IA
Bryce: 515.290.2208 Jacie: 712.210.7424
wedding day details
St. Mary's, 201 Olympic Ave, Willey
Bryce: 515-290-2208
arrival will be around 8:30-9:00 AM
10am, start at St. Mary's or Hair Market?
Makeup and hair for the bridesmaids will be at the Hair Market in Carroll
10:30-11:00 AM
(would you like time set aside specifically to capture some specialty video shots?)
45-60 min
source of ceremony music
Piano, Vocalist
we will not usher people out of the church, but we will meet and greet people at the entry of the church
after the ceremony we plan on getting on the bus, we have yet to determine the route but we will be on the bus approximately for an hour to hour and a half and eventually end up in Templeton at the reception hall
We are having a party bus transport us from Wiley to Templeton
yes, the photographer will be on the bus
Templeton Center in Templeton, IA
(Who is supplying projection equipment for Rewind playback? Venue equipment should be pre-approved by CM Films.)
Dave and Connie Hoffman
Late Terry Wessels and Terri Wessels
other contacts
wedding film details
Song selections can be made from TracksMusic.com, SongFreedom.com, SoundStripe.com and MusicBed.com
to be scheduled
retainer: Rec'd 8/9/18 via Paypal) balance due: on/before 9/14/18 Delivery format: 3 Thumbdrives Misc notes
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