Kaitlin & Alex - August 11, 2018

Kaitlin McAllister
Alex Holmstrom
kaitlin.lenae @ gmail.com
wedding day details
Notre Dame Church, 221 2nd Ave E, Cresco
best way to get in touch on your wedding day
(when and where would you like us to begin filming, generally we start at 10am or later, early morning hours can be added. please contact us for details)
30 min
source of ceremony music
Piano, Vocalist
Usher each row
Howard County Expo Center, 220 7th St W, Cresco
Red, Black, Grey, White
Jeff and Shelly McAllister
Jeff and Sandy Holmstrom
other contacts
Father Jack McClure
Tanya Riehle
wedding film details
Song selections can be made from SongFreedom.com, SoundStripe.com and MusicBed.com
(Would you like to schedule a phone call or meeting in Ames before your wedding day?)
Paid in Full. Thank you!

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misc notes

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