Whitney & Travis - June 23, 2018

Whitney Tinken
Travis Oelmann
Travis and Whitney Oelmann
tink_whit28 @ hotmail.com
12306 C Ave, Ackley, IA 50601
wedding day details
Iowa Arboretum, 1875 Peach Street, Madrid
Amy Tinken at 515-290-6382 or Travis Tinken at 515-291-6382
Bride and Groom will arrive in Madrid at the Iowa Arboretum at 12:00 (ceremony location)
9am start coverage at the Holiday Inn Ames Conference Center at ISU (now known as the Radisson Hotel, they changed ownership) same location and contact info
Bride will be getting ready at the Holiday Inn hotel, Groom will be getting ready at his parents house (2240 Quail Ridge Road Ames, IA 50010). Bride and Groom will then arrive at the Iowa Arboretum in Madrid to finish getting ready (putting on dress, etc) to start pictures around 12:15/12:30.
Yes. Bride and Groom will have a first look before taking remaining photos. Around 12:15/12:30.
Pictures will start at 12:15/12:30pm at the Iowa Arboretum in Madrid Iowa.
30 minutes
source of ceremony music
Bride and Groom will usher each row to greet guests
Bride and Groom will usher each row Guests will form a walkway in which the bride and groom will exit to party bus Bride and Groom will get on party bus to take from Madrid to Ames (any photography and videographers are allowed on bus) Arrive in Ames at the CPMI center for reception at 5:30 to enter reception Reception/eating will start at 6pm-7:00pm Speeches will begin around 7pm Cake cutting to follow Father/Daughter dance to follow Mother/son dance to follow Bridal party dance to follow Reception ends at 12:00am
Party Bus (The Bus Guy out of Manning, Iowa)
None. Unless pictures are taken on the party bus
350 people
CPMI Center, 2321 North Loop Drive, University Blvd, Ames
CM Films Projector & Screen
Greenery, White, and Light Grey
Travis and Amy Tinken
Hollis and Kris Oelmann
other contacts
Robert Otto (brides grandpa)
Benjamin (Ben) Gruwell Photography
Ashley Oelmann (grooms sister)
Randy Larsen with 105.1 radio station
wedding film details
A Thousand Years - Christina Perri (SF)
Let Love - Emorie (SStripe)
Rescue Me - Evermore (SStripe)
I Do- Kyle Reynolds (featuring Kirsten Arian) (with words) (SF)
Song selections can be made from SongFreedom.com, SoundStripe.com and MusicBed.com
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Paid in Full. Thank you!

final delivery: three thumbdrives

misc notes

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